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How To Sell Despite Language Barrier

Is there a very ideal way you can sell your service to your clients when they send their request in another language?Example is when a client wants you to do a job and they post the request in another language apart from English. Please advice if you can, it will really help. Thank you.

You need to ask them to type in English, which is the language of this platform. Or, possibly, google translate is your friend.


Use Google Translate to translate their request into your language and use it again to translate your offer into their language

Hmm … seems to be yet another echo …

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I always take help from google translate.
You can add google translator extension if you are using chrome or edge browser :innocent:

Please read previous replies. This advice has already been given.

Posting on the forum does not get you extra sales.


okayfriend, thanks for the advice.

Nice piece of advice, thanks.

can you point out where it is for easy reference?

Google is your friend.

Yes, In many threads the posters do not bother to read previous comments and end up “echoing” the words of posters that have replied before them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You can ask needed documents from clients or you can take hep of google translate. Those two are the best way