How to sell facebook ads on Fiverr


Hi there,

I want to sell setting up facebook campaigns on Fiverr but one issue I am having is that to set these up I need to be added to the page and a advertisement account of the buyer to set the campaign up. How am I meant to do this if Fiverr does not allow you to send your email to the client to add me. Some help would be greatly appreciated.



send a small pdf or doc to your client with the important information you feel they will need.


I agree with ardicus. I constantly get PDFs and zipped files from scammers, so surely legitimate buyers can use the same technique :slight_smile:


When it’s necessary to send such info for the job to get done, it’s allowed to do it on the order page.

From the Fiverr’s Terms of Service: “Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page.”