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How to sell faster

Hey Everyone I’m a new seller in here, can anyone suggest me tips and tricks to improve my Gig and get orders fast.


Yes, absolutely. I would like to help you out with this one.

There are few tips that are given on this Forum, first I am going to start by giving them to you:

  • You should stay online 24/7 and reply to every message instantly.
  • Whenever you talk to a client always use the phrases “You will be satisfied, dear”, “I will work till the end with unlimited revisions until you are happy, sir”.
  • Offer unlimited revisions
  • Offer as many gigs as you can in your category, no matter how similar they are.
  • Use the forum and start asking people on how to make sales.
  • Follow self-labeled freelance gurus from your local community.

That being said, all of those tips are just total non-sense and are not something that is going to be helpful to you.

  • You should’t stay online 24/7, that would be bad for your health. However, you should work on your time management skills and try to be prompt in responding to any potential buyers… and be responsive even to spam messages. We all live in different time zones, most buyers do understand that.

  • Don’t do this, it makes you look weird such phrases and vocabulary is uncommon, actually I dare to say non-existent in the “Western” world. When you do use such language, people might find it weird actually. Instead, you should use more professional language.

  • This isn’t always a good thing - and certainly doesn’t help to anyone. It might be a good thing to offer when you are starting on the platform as you are providing your clients with some added value to your gigs. However, in the long term it’s only going to cause you headache and you are going to come across buyers that are going to exploit this. I have been there, I have seen that, I don’t want to go back there.

  • No, just no. You can’t have a gig for a “social media banner” and a gig for “Facebook banner” and then a gig for “Twitter banner” design. Instead, as a graphic designer you can have multiple services that are in your niche. For example, if you main gig is social media design, you can have other gigs for branding, posters, book covers and similar.

  • If you want to be ignored and be labeled as a mek sell please do this. However, if you want to get the best from the forum and really gain knowledge be constructive, use the search function, absorb knowledge from more senior forum users and ask different questions. Instead of “How to sell faster” you could have asked “Hey Everyone, I am Lalitex38.” and then in the subject of the message you could have started an honest discussions about the shortfalls that you have and ask people how to improve yourself and where to start on the forum.

  • Well, you already did, didn’t you?


Please! Active on fiverr.

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See this is what I am talking about. A tip and a suggestion like this should be ignored. There are far better ways on how to improve your gigs, your service and your communication.


Thank you for your reply, really appreciable and I’ll follow up on your advice.
and about that improving gig yeah I did just wanted to gather some genuine information some how.

By the way Happy Birthday senior :innocent:
keep serving the good work.

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Thank you for your reply, really appreciable That. I also wanted to know. thanks a lot

  1. You stay active a lot of the time with Fiverr
  2. Give 10 Buyer Requests in daily
    Hopefully, you will get the messenger order too @lalitalex38

Stay active. Not a personal opinion. It is suggested officially by Fiverr.

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