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How to sell for the first time

Hi I’m pritty new to fiverr and have no sales so far, Im finding it hard to get a first sale does anyone have tips or suggestions on how to make a first sale?

The first order can take a while! I see you do logos so one idea would be for you to research local small companies, perhaps small businesses where you’re a regular customer. Check if any of them lack a logo then print out a few lines with your gig information, next time you go there just mention you noticed they don’t have a logo and tell them about your gig on fiverr and give them your printed gig information.

Take a look to what top rated sellers offers and use them as reference,you have to offer more than what they offer if you want to attract buyers, if they do one logo for one gig then you can offer 2 logos for one gig.

I think you should promote your gigs to social media and give buyers the confidence why they should buy from you

Reply to @mgjohn78: Thank you thats a awsome idea :smiley:

Reply to @solow13: Yeh Ill try that, Thank you!

Reply to @rajat11: Thank you, I will try that!