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How to sell gig free of cost


i am web developer buyer ask free of sell .


You can’t sell gigs for free.


Really? You don’t want to earn a profit from your services?


Signing up for Fiverr is free.

Buyers :money_with_wings: PAY :money_with_wings: for Service!

I mean if you really want to give stuff away for free use CL or BP.


Nothing is FREE here! You can build up your career and stay here for a long time with right and honest way ONLY.
All the best!


Selling involves having a price to be paid, a purchase to be made.

Doing something for free cannot be called “selling”, so no, you can’t “sell” gigs for free, because it wouldn’t be selling - it would be more like donating, which is not what Fiverr is about.

Every service on Fiverr must have a minimum $5 selling price.


I believe this is against fiverr terms. But i can see many people are offering.
Buy 2 logo gig and get 1 logo free.


I think there’s some kind of a language barrier in effect :thinking::smile:

Giving something away for free is not selling, after all! :moneybag:

Did you mean how to make your gig sell without paying for the promotion?


True. However, OP (web developer) is offering FREE services upfront. Meaning the buyer doesn’t need to spend a penny. No BOGO deals just a freebie!


And you would work free, why? Isn’t there a word you have for hell no?


What is it that you are offering for free?


“Sell” something for “free” - that’ll be a first! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: