How to sell High label gig as a new seller on fiverr?


I am a new seller to fiverr and starting sale about web development. Now I want to sale my gig at the high price. but how to trusted to buyer as a good web developer. In here any suggestion or tips for my success?



To sell your gigs, visit buyer requests section and find the request related to your work and simply send an offer to him/her.
Basically, to sell your gig fast i would suggest you you to share your gig on the social media i.e facebook, google etc… and read up some articles that are present for the beginner. It would incourage you and lead you to the right path.

About Buyers, they are someone who needs high qualified work. You need toattract them towards your work. Create a gig with all the usefull information about the gig. That after reading it buyer will have no any question. If you think he/she will have a question bwfore they ask put that question in the FAQ with appropriate answer. After you recieve the order, try to be according to their needs and have some communication with them and be honest. If the work is above your experience just simply tell him/her the truth in a polite way. Not to be afraid! Hope it helps.

Thank You!


I would be very surprised if you would make any sales at all with a price even close to yours. Sure, there are sellers who can sell services at $50 - “the sky” but those sellers have built a reputation. They typically have many solid reviews, have been on this site a fair amount of time and are level 2 or TRS.

Most buyers won’t risk more than $5-10 on a seller with zero reviews and if you achieve level one with really amazing skills and personally written reviews you might be able to get a bit more. As a new seller, you are better off selling small services that you can do in a short time. You can step up to selling services in milestones (breaking a job up into parts) as well.

If you want to shoot for $200+ sales as a new user, you can sure try, but I don’t have any ideas for you on that. Right now you don’t even have sample work or gig images with correct spelling and resolution.


I thought about that as a new seller i could not get Order for $50+ prices gig, So could I sell a small gig ($5-$10) fast as fast for my reputation in the same category.


You would have a much better chance at building a reputation that way, yes. You’d also need well written gigs with clean and unique gig images. A sample portfolio helps as well. To sell at higher prices, you usually need to build up your business. There are many sellers competing even at the low price end, so gigs in competitive markets really need to shine to get those first sales.