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How to Sell more in Fiverr?

Hello Everybody,

How can newbie sell more gigs in Fiverr? What are the factors behind successful seller here in Fiverr?

I would like to know too. I have been selling for a month but no sales.

My advice – overdeliver.

It’s all about building buyer’s confidence. If you are starting you need good ratings in order to create enough confidence in the potential buyer. You should create a few gigs for a limited time that offer way more than the value. That way you will get your first positive ratings and that will atract more customers. Invest in that. Also, reload frequently the Buyers Request and make offers to those potential customers at a very low price.

Good luck.

Make sure you fill out all your profile information, add a cover photo and a professional profile picture of yourself (not an object). Take advantage of all the characters in your gig descriptions. Add as many photos as possible. Upload a gig video.
Do everything and you will get noticed.

Go through the forum for similar threads. This question gets asked all the time.

You can start here.

Be polite,communicative,have a gig video,use your personal picture as the profile photo,send offers to the buyer’s requests,give high quality work.


Thanks Maria!