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How to sell my first gig


its been almost 2 weeks since i created my gigs but i didn’t get a single offer yet. can you please give any suggestions.


I need a month for my first order at Fiverr :p!

How about your Impressions from Fiverr last 7 days?



There are so many threads and discussions about “how to get the first gig” "why can’t I get gigs, what can I do to get more"

and all the responses to those questions are pretty much the same thing:

Make sure your gig is unique and professional looking,

Let people know about your gig through Facebook, twitter, etc

be sure to have enough samples,

add videos if possible,

offer something here at the forum like "Will do 2 gigs for one payment"

Something along that line.

One more thing that is really important,

BE PATIENT, and don’t expect sales right away.

Some people do get their first gig within hours of joining Fiverr which

I think is great, but in many cases they wait for days, weeks, even months.

Good luck, and try looking at other people’s responses and threads,

some of them explain and give advice in great details and lots of examples :slight_smile:


Thanks zeus777, I’ve been feeling just like aaryas until I saw your comment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll wait. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips, I guess patience is simply the answer after all. :slight_smile:


@leotran my impressions from fiverr last 7 days are 41.


@zeus777 : i guess as everyone say patience is the key.

thank you so much for the advice.


Yeah patience is the key but also you can do some Gig 4 Gig to boost your rating and make your more visible.


Reply to @donbrowser: What do you mean by gig for gig ?


hiiii…what do u mean by gig for gig???


Same is the case with me…

anyone want fb likes,YT views,Twitter/Instagram Followers,Soundcloud Plays,Social Bookmarking,etc.

Checkout my services


Reply to @aaryas: I visited your Gigs and i think your Gig description is too short and dont have keywords that people often use to search. You should also check your tags.


Be patient, Fiverr is growing larger and larger day by day. Just wait. I had to wait for sometime before the offers come in.


Hey i have another problem… from my account, if i am gng to “buyers Request” page… and if i am clicking one of the buyer to provide my service to… dn all the others are getting into “No offers list”… i made an account here yesturday… n dnt know how to select more than one buyer. Please help.


hi katienorman,

New on fiverr just 1 offer,

Level 1 has 3 offers,Level 2 has 5 offers,Top Rated Seller = 10 offers

All the best to increase your level… :slight_smile:



after reviewing your gig, you may want to say some more about yourself and your qualifications. Also, double check your grammar and spelling.

Good Luck!


i joined almost 2 months ago. I am sure selling two months ago was easier. In V2 new sellers had a great advantage that their gigs usually popped on the top gigs.


don’t wait for buyer to contact you… check buyer requests that is related to your gig and then offer your gig. =)


Reply to @hypersoloads: do not spam the thread with external links


Just Seen your Gig. Maybe what you offer is not in demand? Try expanding on this idea some. I personally buy for marketing purposes or order something custom for my class room or to freak people out when they hear their name ect.

Your basically telling people you speak English and you can write… So what? You need to provide reasons to order. Can it help college students? Who will it benefit? Why do I need to buy from you? Ect. What Need are you filling?

Try making some demo’s of your work. Write a Po

em or essay about Fiverr? If your work is all written then make a power point video?

I never buy from anyone who does not have any kind of samples of their work.

Sorry if my post seems a bit negative, I truly want to help :slight_smile: