How to sell my firtst gig


its been almost one month since i created my gigs but i didn’t get a single offer yet. can you please give any suggestions.this is my account


Make sure you’re checking the Buyer requests on Selling > Buyer Requests, it’s one of the fastest ways you could get orders.
Also, make sure you’re promoting on other platforms like followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Forums or if you have your own website/blog.

If you’ve tried these already, I’d try creating more gigs that you expertise in, to try and fit different needs. Check your gigs and make sure what you’re offering isn’t like any other similar seller, make sure it’s different and intriguing, and possibly at a lower price than other sellers.

I’ve checked your gig, and have found there are a few spelling mistakes such as delivary should be delivery, standerd should be standard.


Thanks for your valuable Comment