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How to sell my gigs

Hi,I am an expert excel data entry operator.I have a made a Gigs but don’t no how to sell it.please anybody help me to do that. is my profile link.

I agree with klblynx. Be unique. Be original. And most definitely use your own images. Those who innovate find success. Those who do noting but imitate the innovators usually disappear into the crowd.

You need to add your videos of your working to get more orders

Reply to @osman_shahbaz:

Gig videos are definitely helpful as they will allow a prospective buyer to see you, and learn more about who they will be working with. However, adding videos will not guarantee you more sales. There are no guarantees in business – just possibilities.

Reply to @jonbaas: Yes you are 100% right

jonbaas i have a problem and any one not reply me here would you like to help me


I don’t advise posting in forums and linking to other forums asking people to answer you in that forum. That is bad form. Please don’t do it.