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How to sell on Fiverr? Help


i try to sell on Fiverr…

but i got this error message.

"Tags may only contain letters, spaces and one numeric digit"

what can i do?

please help me…


Message is accurate, but not perfectly clear. It suggests that you were trying to put a “special character” into your Tags, and the system won’t allow that.

As the message says you CAN use a, b, c, d, etc. and single numbers 1 to 9, but probably not other characters. You can use those in description and titles, but not in "Tags."

So if you are trying to Tag your gig with something like “A+ Service” or “Write Code in C+” or “5,000 Likes!!” then the system prevents that.

If this is your answer, just change your entries. Sorry, but it is just the way it works here, and every seller is treated the same on this rule. (AFAIK)

If you are sure this is NOT your issue, contact Customer Service. Other Forum readers can give good and maybe differing opinions, but only CS can fix it if it is an error.


Same issue here and my tags are pretty simple!