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How to sell on Fiverr Logo maker?

As a Level 2 seller here at Fiverr, I would like to know how to sell on “Fiverr Logo Maker”. I mean, I can create some Logo design concepts but I still don’t know how to sell them on Fiverr Logo Maker!?
Would someone from Fiverr Officials or anyone here help me understand the process i.e How to upload my Logo Designs and how to showcase them to potential clients/buyers? :slight_smile:


If you have that option available for you then you should have a tab called “logos”, that’s where you do everything.

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I’m From KaruZone.

So at the top header part of your profile there have a option named by Logo. you have to click on that. then you redirect to another page there have a option to import your logo. your logo must have to unique & you never use before.

Logo must have

  • *** No text layers**
  • *** Less than 100 layers**
  • *** 100% vector elements**

then you can upload only your logo icon. & there have a option to add demo name font style. better you can view the video that show into the right hand side of your logo import page. in that video fiverr official describe all the easy option to do that.

So enjoy some extra earning, Have a great day.

Thank you,
Team KaruZone,

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Is this limited to some sellers?
And what is criteria to get that.

It is explained here:

Just checked it
But I can’t find a way to apply or check if fulfill the criteria to design a Logo to sell in Log Maker.
Can you help?

Fiverr Logo Maker

Fiverr Logo Maker allows certain Sellers to offer various original logo designs (each, a “Logo Design”) for Buyers to adjust and customize per their own specific needs, using special automated design tools. Through the Logo Maker, Buyers purchase full commercial use rights to the Logo Design embedded with their brand name.

Fiverr Logo Maker Sellers are chosen manually by Fiverr editors through an ongoing review process based on quality of designs, seniority, volume of sales, high ratings, exceptional customer care, high order completion rate and more.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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Thanks for helping out

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no, no. it is open for all seller,

In this link all describe elaborately. That will help you a lot,