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How to sell your first gig?

Hi I’m a new seller on Fiverr :raising_hand_woman:
I just found Fiverr few days ago and I think this is an awesome site! I’m curious about how to sell your first gig (*except the promotion thing). Your tips will be highly appreciated. I’m a motivational speaker by the way :slight_smile:

Nice too meet you all and greetings to you from Bali - Indonesia!


Hi Bali,

First I’m happy you found Fiverr because here it’s great place if you want to earn experience and money.

You can sell your first gig by sending request on ‘Buyer Request’ page and also is important to stay online because buyers are interested to find sellers that are online.

Also it’s very important to add creative and powerful title of gig and to explain service on description page.

I hope you will get first order soon :slight_smile:

Best wishes!


Welcome. Suggest you check out the Help & Education section at the bottom of the Fiverr main page to help you make a great start on Fiverr. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


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You’re so kind!! Those are great tips :blush: I have checked the buyer request and it is full with the promotion from sellers! Lol

Yes, I hope so :pray: Thank you so much and have a good day :raising_hand_woman:

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Wow thank you for the tips and wishes! :slight_smile:
I will definitely try that!

Have a good day :raising_hand_woman:


Hi! I am also new on Fiverr and I started 3 weeks ago,

I got my first order after 7hrs. of gig created, and that was an organic order (no buyer request) and I believe that was my luck. However the buyer was a busy person so was not doing conversation properly and did not left a review.

and then after 2.4 weeks, I got another order (from different buyer.) and again, that was an organic order.
This time the buyer was friendly and doing conversation properly. I delivered my best work to him and he was impressed and then he order 2 more times from me…

One of the best tip to grow fast on Fiverr is choosing a low competition category, this is what I did.


Nice to meet you :raising_hand_woman: Wow thank you so much! Such a detail explanation. So how is it now? Do you get order everyday? It’s a bit hard than I thought before :see_no_evil: btw what are you selling?


Hi! i’m Clara Snow expert Graphic Designer and i have joined Fiverr newly and now i am working on Logo Designing as i have experience of it over 4years. I think the best way you can be successful on Fiverr is to provide your buyer with the best of your skills and completing your work on time will help you a lot.

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Thanks! Have a good day :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you Clara :raising_hand_woman: and thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

it was a pleasure meeting you, i wish i can help you you more if you can tell me what are your skills annd experience

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I am a motivational speaker :slight_smile:
I have 15 experience with helping families and friends all over the world to get them out of their though situation. Check out my Gig if you want and hey you have a cool job! I love doing edit and create pictures too!

It’s so nice to meet friendly people. I love making friends :purple_heart:
I wish Fiverr has the follow button lol :grin:

Well, I am still new on Fiverr… :monkey_face:
I don’t get new orders everyday :see_no_evil:
and I am selling secret :speak_no_evil:

Okay I understand that’s a secret hehehe :see_no_evil::grin:

That was great you already had orders :+1:

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If you want to see what is a person selling on Fiverr:

  1. Copy username. (eg. copy my username ie. ‘negiservice’)
  2. Paste the username* (replace * with the username you just copied.)

Now you can see what that person is selling on Fiverr. :eyes:

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Oh okay! Thank you for the info. Do you have any idea how to change profile pic in forum? I did everything that I found on Goggle but still not working. Thanks :slight_smile:

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hum… I think ‘Fiverr forum’ profile pictures will stay same as your main ‘Fiverr’ profile :thinking:
sorry, I don’t have any other clue about this :sweat:

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Hahaha yeah that’s what I read on Google. But some user users cannot change the profile pic in forum though their public profile pic has set up. I saw your gigs. That’s awesome job :+1::slight_smile:

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Thanks for appreciating my gigs. :innocent:
I also checked out your profile and there is only one gig. :thinking:
How about creating more gigs?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
more gigs = more chance of getting discovered :eye:

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