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How to seller post there request in buyer area

Hi all, every time when i visit the Buyer Request I saw seller’s post there.
There is no option on dashboard for this activity.
How can they post?
Its legal?
If my post is wrong, sorry in advance.:confused:
here is a screenshot:

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No it’s not allowed, and they do it because they’re numpties.


It is ILLEGAL and against the Fiverr TOS. The Buyers Request section is exactly this: a section for buyers to post their requests - not an advertising section for sellers. Anyone can post a request from the Buying tab in their profile and it is supposed that the editorial team is checking on sellers posting there but SOME ads fail to be checked and appear on the section.
Do not do this as it will cause you problems, stay on the positive side of fiverr :slight_smile:
Best of luck


Thanks a lot :relieved:


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