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How to send a bulls eye buyer request


If you don’t get 10 buyer requests a day, then market your gigs

  1. Keep your texts spaced, don’t write stories, most people are busy, they bother to read it.
  2. Tell your buyer what you offer different in your gig
  3. Offer some extra
  4. Give him time constraint, the time limit within which you will complete the job, they like it so much
  5. Keep your buyer requests short, this will make them read it, I’d refuse if the seller would write 100 lines of text
  6. Try to use bullets and numbering while sending buyer requests and making gigs.

Follow these, I hope you will get jobs within the next three days.


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Thanks for your tips :slight_smile:


useful tips :slight_smile: thank you for that!


good idea . many many thanks


Great tips man. :slight_smile: Thank you very much for sharing.


I’ll definitely try this. Thanks


What are bullets? Thanks for you tips.



  • List item
  • List item
  • List item

Try do specify what you do


great tips thank you very much :slight_smile:


Do bullets make any difference? because however you format your writing, they all look same and in one passage.


Maybe numbering would be better? :thinking:


Awesome tips, thanks :heart:


Nice tips for new comers. Thanks


Maybe. Fiverr could have given a little space there so sellers could showcase there specialties with different formatting.


Good tips sir… :+1:


Good tips, will have to try these! :clap:


I don’t know but I use >> or << as sign, this makes them take a closer look at the text, this will engage the viewers more.
:sunglasses::man_student: Right?


Thank you so much for your good advice.


Great tips. Thank you so much for sharing


Great tips for sending buyer request… thanks