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How to send a buyer request..?

I am a new seller in fiverr but worked as a freelancer other marketplace like upwork and peoples per hour and completed more than 173 projects . I want to know how can send a buyer request accurately. Fiverr Forum is very helpful and informative. I expected that I will get a clear advise about sending buyer request.

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At first you have to make a standard gig about what you want to sell. Offer your gig to your buyer. If you maintain your standard, eventually you will end up with a good job. thanks.:slight_smile:

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Thanks for providing your opinion :heart_eyes:

At first you will have to create your gigs mentioning your expertise. Then you will find buyer requests(Selling>Buyer Request).
Just click send offer & then you’ll have to select one of your gigs to send request. Remember that you’ll have to describe your offer & expertise within maximum 1500 characters

Hope you are clear now :slight_smile:


Buyer request always be simple but elegant. at first convince your buyer why he/she will work with you. Why you are different from other seller.


First of all I think you should add your skill properly.You will find buyer requests with your skill.
Also create eye catching gig. Hope this will help you.

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