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How to send a buyer request

This is my experience on fiverr
I hope it will be help to new seller, How to send a buyer request. Just a format,
Hi / Hello (Name) . I have checked your details. inbox me for more information.I have experience on WordPress/Graphic Design or somethings more than 2/3/4/ years… As a developer/Designer it’s an easy job for me. I will also provide you the support after the complete the project. My running project is _________. I will do any job as per your requirement. You will get best service from me.
Thanks ( Name)


Has this buyer request format helped you out so far?

I am asking you this cuz I don’t see you having any orders delivered/in queue so far :thinking:

Also, addressing a buyer as Sir/Madam/Dear/Brother/Sister is VERY unprofessional. Please don’t use words like Sir while addressing your buyers. They will not like it. They will especially not like it if the buyer you are addressing as “Sir” is, in fact, a woman.


Thank you for your important information


You are always right bro !!:slight_smile:

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What you have written is what is known as a canned response. It does not address specifically the buyer’s needs. I doubt this response will get you many if any jobs on BR.

I see you must have changed your original post as it does not reflect the form of greeting @hanshuber16 mentioned in his post. :thinking:

If you use the search feature, you will find many threads on how to write a good response to a BR.


Read this to find out what Buyers really want to hear when you respond to a BR.

The buyer needs a specific solution or tasks need to be done. So If anyone mention about “any job” possibly buyer can think that candidate even didn’t read the Job description. Using templets on BR is a bad idea. It may look like spam or robotic application. Every job posting is different so the proposal should be different too. I usually try to discuss why the buyer had this issue or how I’m going to approach for the solution.


open the fiver account.than click the selling opotion than select the buyer requests

@hanshuber16 - You are always right in all conversation. Make sense reading your comments. :grinning:


you are always right

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Thank You… For Your Help

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I think this is very helpful

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Format is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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Very helpful post, thanks.

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This message you have shared , is very helpful.

Right. Don’t address others as dear, bro, mate, buddy, friend, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will definitely put buyers off when you reply to Buyer Requests.

In my view, one need to focus on what a buyer has actually asked and respond accordingly. Believe on your self and skills, do have some patience, you will hear from some buyer soon!

online_jahid personally, how will you feel if someone is addressing you in an opposite sex of your gender?
I think this a very simple analysis.

This is very helpful.

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