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How to send a effective buyer request?

HI, I am a new seller. I have got 6 order so far by buyer request. I want to know some effective way to send offer to the buyer so the buyer can get my attention. Thank you.

Hi there, here are 2 useful tips.

  • Try to use accurate English.Sentences with grammatical errors are a big no.
  • Don’t use templates, send a custom offer tailored to the buyer’s request.

These can make your request send out.

Just to add:

  1. Promise the buyer you would send samples and grant unlimited revisions.
  2. Also state on your request that you would ensure constant communication and send update as the order evolves.

You need to be creative in sending your request. Let it stand out.

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I always do both of these things,the second one is a habit,revisions are always unlimited and I only send samples if the buyer wishes to see them but never thought of including them as a point in the buyer request,thanks!

I take it you mean samples of existing work rather than exactly what they’re asking for in their BR, as this could lead to working for nothing. Also, in my experience it’s never a good idea to promise unlimited revisions - you’re leaving yourself open to abuse doing that.

Great shout. I hate template responses. Why waste your time sending something that you’ve already sent to 20 other people?


Some people wish to save time by doing this,well,they don’t know the power of custom responses. :wink: