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How to send a link of a photo which cannot be copied?


I was wondering if anyone knew how, or what site, allows us to send a link to a photo, but the photo cannot be copied?


No idea how to stop copy images, it always can be copied by screenshot. But you can prevent downloading. Google drive have that option. But you need to convert the image file to pdf.



@wp_kid Can we send our buyers a link to google drive as part of a delivery?


@misscrystal, I think the current take from Support is that you aren’t supposed to use Google or anything similar anymore. They used to suggest it but now it is in the help files that:

" * A seller must deliver their files via Fiverr’s platform, rather than via external cloud platforms (such as Dropbox)."

The thing is, I am positive there are circumstances were they have to make excepts but I suppose you just need written permission. There are still times when uploading breaks and a seller can’t reach a buyer in time for an extension. It’s also possible to have a delivery that is too big for Fiverr. Those are narrow exceptions and would require contact with Support to work out, as far as I know.

Wp_kid is correct that there is no way to prevent a buyer from taking a screenshot of any image at all, so no matter how a delivery or message is sent, there is a way to “crack” it. There are services with technology to make it more difficult to download files or use right-clicks, but none are fool proof and none prevent screenshots.


Thank you fonthaunt, I wonder if that is in the TOS or just the article. Sometimes those articles aren’t in line with the rules. I feel bad for sellers who have large files to deliver and have to upload them using the fiverr platform.


The last time I studied the ToS thoroughly (which I try to do about once every 60 days) it wasn’t in there. It might have been added since. I thought it was strange that they added it without options for those other problems, but I am not sure they enforce it. It may be one of those rules they enforce only if they suspect cloud space is being used to violate some other part of the ToS.