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How to send a proper buyer request?

How to send a proper buyer request? :blush:

Last month I posted a request for a job in Fifa. I would like to raise the voice of the country, but the requests of some of the people who got the offer of sadness were very unprofessional - for which I had to select one of the other people on the condition of wanting. :pensive:

Since then, many of us still have the basic idea of ​​sending buyer requests. Still, they are continuously sending unprofessional buyer requests and the outcome is a negative connotation for our country’s freelancers to clients of outside countries. :rage:

So everyone who reads this post will read it properly, everyone can send the buyer request properly.

I try to show the rules that I accept as a cellar by sending a buyer request here. :slight_smile::blush:

In the case of sending a buyer’s request, keep in mind the following:

  1. Choose the right offer: Only those requests are offered in a rugged way and the only thing you can do is send the offer to the request.

  1. Take your time to read the description = There are many people send the offer without understanding everything completely! Thoroughly refrain from it.
    What you do is, firstly pay attention to the buyer’s full recourse with time. Think carefully about what the buyer wants, then you can think that you can do that work 100% properly. Then you can click on “send offer”.

  1. Keep your description clear, concise and to point = Your offer must be professionally written.
    “Hello SIR / MADAM”
    “Good morning / evening / other greetings”
    “How are you?”
    Avoid such unprofessional and irrelevant text.

  1. Copy pasteed request to Everyone = Many of the newcomers, who have prepared a messy message, if you receive a request from your category, then copy and paste the same message.
    Are you the people of that group? So avoid it today. It is never possible to get an order, because different clients will want different things, the same thing will be sent to everyone! Yes, you can send a few things in the same way, but if you think about sending the same prepared thing, you can expect the order to be removed.

You are sending a buyer request, not Eid greetings that will copy and paste the same thing with everyone.

  1. Short and Sweet = Always try to write the offer as briefly as possible. Because more than you have got the buyout request, all the requests are very difficult to read, so the chances of avoiding additional big requests are more than likely.
    Always keep in mind that the offer descriptiveness is not necessarily bigger.

  1. Proper Pricing = Please do not send the offer of chicken to the person who has brought the cow corner budget, please! Remember, most clients want good quality, not less price.
    If you think you have not been able to work at a higher price - so be prepared to get the job done for this situation, then quickly closing the Future tab and go to YouTube / Google and focus on increasing your skills. When the ability to work on the appropriate price, then return to Fever again.

  1. Include the keyword = The keywords used by buyer must be properly used in the offer. You can understand that by looking at the buyer - you are well aware of what she wants, and you can understand all its recevrits properly.

  1. Proofread offers = Before submitting the offer, take another look at everything like the exam paper, there is no error in it.

  1. Be available = Buyer often likes the request, sending them text before ordering them. Make sure you can respond as soon as you have a buyer message. If you delay the message, then you will see the client cry out “Sorry I have hired someone else.”

  1. Others = Sending a proper buyer request can not be learned suddenly in one day, after many experiments, you can easily understand how to send the appropriate offer. So follow the above rules, be patient, send regular requests.
    Those Skills are sitting in many clays to give their jobs, try to be patient - get them.

#Happy_Freelancing :blush::heart:


Good suggestion for me and new seller