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How to send an mp3?


Hi, I would like to know how to attach an mp3 for my orders to the sellers? Thanks!


You can attach up to 30MB files in the messaging system.
Some sellers will have a file upload section on their gig; you can also upload your file there.

If all else fails, communicate with your chosen seller.

If this is on a Buyers Request ad, there should be a file upload spot. You could also use a Dropbox or Google link.


Where is the file upload spot when responding to a Buyer Request?


Put it inside a .zip and upload it thru the system, normally.
Use 7zip, WinRar, IZarc or any other intended software for this purpose.


You can’t upload a file when replying to buyer requests I’m afraid.


That’s what I thought since I couldn’t find a paper clip or anything that looked like an upload button. There is a buyer requesting a .mp3 sample of voices and states that he does not want a link to a site like Soundcloud. He also says that he is a premium buyer. So now I think he is just BS’g everyone … wouldn’t be the first to do that.


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