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How to Send Attractive Buyer Request


Hello My Fellow Sellers,
It has been a longtime visiting here, hope sells are rolling well to you all.
I can see that one of the limitation facing some new seller on fiverr platform is how to get the attentions of buyers to their gigs and order from them. When I first started on fiverr about four month ago now, I wrote a lot of buyer requests in order to get the attention of buyers but no replied from them until I sit down stressed my IQ for just a little. You know what I did, I sit down wrote attractive templates based on my gigs, I started sending the templates to the buyers request and in the next two hours I got four orders with good price, for those that are new sellers I’ll like to share the sample of my template to you here because I known that to make it on fiverr is not a day job but I’ll like share my Ideals and tricks to those that are interested, If you’re in-need of the sample template and my tricks just comment here and it would be send to you.


I need some Example cover letter
Buyer Request ℹ
Best TIP of Fiverr

Sure it will be great if you share your tricks…


Hi there Bookcovers_pro,

I find that buyer requests is an excellent tool, however the buyers are often flooded with seller requests. So you need to stand out. Here are my few tips:

  1. Don’t waste time on posts that have at least 20+ requests, it’s more than likely that the buyer has already decided.

  2. Provide a short informative response. Remember, this will be sent as a custom offer so provide what you will require from the buyer also.

  3. Price it well, most sellers will often match the buyer’s budget, however I would recommend reducing the quote to make it stand out more. You could then potentially make extra money through up selling on delivery.

Hope this helps! If any one else has any advice, just post a reply :slight_smile:

Kindest regards,



Hello dear please share templates and the tricks, I am a newbie. Thanks


Am sure the newbies would benefit greatly from this. Kindly share your templates.



Wouldn’t it be easier to simply paste it here??


I see my expert advice is not required here.

Very well then; I shall point out everyone is begging for scraps on an elderly post then.

That point is indisputable.


Hi @bookcovers_pro I’m interesting in your template / trick :slight_smile:


please give me that example, my gigs stand almost one years in fiverr but don’t satisfiles with number of orders.


Hi Dear bookcovers_pro,
Please share your tricks/tamplates, I’m very exited to see your suggestion.




Kindly share your tricks and templates. I’m a newbie here and finding it really hard to sell my gigs :disappointed:


Hi @bookcovers_pro

I’m interested. please share with us. Everyone thankful to you

Thanks in advance



Templates again :unamused:

I’ve tried buyers request section as a buyer about 4-5 times and I found the right seller through that only once. Close to 90% of sellers were sending me templates which I instantly deleted. It takes about 5 minutes to write a customized answer to a buyer’s request (it’s 800 characters). If a seller can’t spare 5 minutes then I don’t expect them to invest much effort in my order.

Since I’m also a seller, I made about 15 offers last week and got 3 clients out of it (worth $375 in total).

  • I didn’t use any templates
  • I sent only custom offers addressing buyer’s requirements
  • I’m definitely not offering the lowest prices. I know what my services are worth, so I’m not even trying to compete with $5 offers.
  • I don’t have a ton of reviews either, but once I get a buyer to reply back to me I know how to sell my services.
  • I hardly ever use up my daily limit, simply because I don’t bid on random requests. Just like clients are looking for a perfect seller I do my research to make sure I don’t end up with a scammer.

All I’m trying to say is that a template is not a magic solution that works for everyone. I’m sure it might work for some sellers, but it’s not a golden rule.
Do you homework and don’t rely on others to write a template to sell your services.



Just today I decided to use the technique that many sellers are using, which is posting request in buyers request. My post got rejected twice, for reasons I’m not aware of.

What am I doing wrong or taking this step of posting my gig in buyers request is completely a wrong step?

Let me know please.


Why are you posting in buyer requests section if you’re a seller?
It’s for buyers who are looking for sellers.

If some dimwit jumps out the window and survives it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Anderson, //Anderson only, please//

Tell me about buyers request.

What is it and the purpose of it.


Hi, I’m very interested . Please share you tricks :slight_smile:


Hi Gina,

I very well understand what is the purpose of buyers request. People who want to use a service, post their request in buyers request and sellers respond to it.

I have noticed so many sellers posting in buyers request that I got confused that this should be for buyers only. Why are sellers jumping in here?.



I agree with your point. I’m a newbie here and still learning the tricks and techniques.


Okay, just making sure. :grinning: