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How to send buyer request more accurately to get a job

hi ,i am newbie here .very recent i launched my first gig on fiverr .last day i had send offers to buyers .but havent got any job yet .my question is how to get a job by sending offers responding buyer request .is there any trick to follow to get job by sending offers ?i am anxious why i am not getting any job.let me inform you that i have just opened my account 2 or 3 days before .pls help me .

Please be patient. Fiverr is NOT a get-rich-quick website. It might take a week for you to earn your first order, then again, it might take two months. Promote your gig, make your gig eye-catching and unique, and don’t expect to “get any job” right away.


There is no need to worry!!
As you just opened your account 2-3 back. It is hard to get buyer responses in initial stages but it not impossible.
Just share your gig on social networks and build some traffic to your gig then there will more Buyer Requests appear.

Make Your response something great Like adding pdf portfolio for your gig in buyer responses.


thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion

Use Fiverr Mobile app .Then You can increase your Response Rate :+1::+1:

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