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How to send buyer request on fiverr

Someone should please, explain to me how to send buyer request. I am a new arrival on fiverr and I will like to use buyer request to advertise my gig.

You cannot. Buyer Requests is not for advertising. The sellers you see advertising are doing so uselessly since most buyers can post requests but can’t read the items posted there. The sellers who are noticed advertising there are typically warned or completely banned.

Buyer request can’t use for Advertise your gig. Use social media to advertise your gig…

I guess the OP wants to know how to answer the requests from the buyers that way people will know about his gig.

Answer to that can be found Here

Buyer request can only be used by Buyer only thats why its call buyer request! You can of course use your 10 offer quota per day to apply on those request.

This tool cannot be used for advertisement. It only been used when you need orders as a seller. when you find a request you like and you think you are capable of handling you send a proposal.