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How to send convincing BUYERS REQUEST

Hello my fellow sellers (newest arrivals), i know its not easy to get an order as a new seller but if you take your buyers request seriously you will surely get one sooner than expected.
Straight to the point HOW DO I SEND A CONVINCING BUYERS REQUEST!. Buyers on fiverr likes to see some words included in your buyers request, Here are some of the words:

  • PROFESSIONALISM: most buyers want to be sure that there job is been handled by a professional so you including this word in your buyers request it MIGHT just get your first order.

  • ACCURACY: buyers also went there job executed accurately in addition to your professionalism in which as a professional your job must be accurate in accordance to your client instructions.

  • CREATIVITY: this i believe is only applicable if you are to create e.g graphic design niche.

  • SPEED: buyers want their jobs done professionally, accurately, creatively and also within the given time frame.

  • SATISFACTION: using it this way ‘your SATISFACTION is my optimum goal’.

Drop your comments below or add yours too so that we can all learn.


Maybe it’s just the PROFESSIONALISM in me talking… but normally I find it more important to express my CREATIVITY by specifically talking to the buyer in a authentic way- rather than littering their inbox with pre-planned phrases for the sake of SPEED. After all, SATISFACTION would suggest that because each buyer’s request is unique- each message should be unique for the sake of ACCURACY.

(That last one didn’t work as well, but I only had so much to work with here…)


i think both are important professionalism and also the kind world to your buyers .


How about just being you?

I don’t believe that your tips would work. In my system, I am being more friendly, no need to say:

See this guy got it:

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Regurgitating buzz words like some Lynchian, time warped, paper mache, agent of banality will not help you land jobs. Not in buyers requests… not in correspondence of happenstance… not in life.


Being you or a professional dose not mean you cant use these words it just how you use them. my answers to buyers request are always unique because request are different from one another, although i might not be a pro here but with this words have gotten some orders. a buyer specifically contacted because i used the word creativity and he said " i will love to see how creative you are as you stated in your offer" and i executed the job and got a 5 star rating, in essence i might still be a level one seller but these words have worked for me.

i only use that as an example of how to use the word satisfaction, it dose not mean that the way i use it always, also it dose not have to be used as a pre-planned phrase.

If you are using stuff like that, you are welcoming a lot of scammers and spammers. :slight_smile:


I am not sure how these help in sending buyer requests?!

I would say simply DONT SEND GEREAL MESSAGE!
That is it!
Just read each request and answer it according to the info provided.