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How to send effective buyer request? please give me some suggestion

I don’t know how to send an effective buyer request. I need to send request for logo design. So please give me some suggestion about sending buyer request for logo design. thank you…

fiverr not allow bro

Not strictly true, @raihanrb - however, I understand your reluctance.

@raihan_46 - no one is going to give you anything like this, mainly because your competitors are not going to give you an advantage over themselves. That would make no sense.

However, there are a great many tips here in the forum, so use the search bar above to find them … read them all and put them into practice.


bro i don’t understand, what do you mean by, fiverr not allow?

you are such a love, thank you so much.

Not sure if you wish to post a BR or respond to BR.

If responding is the case, you can get suggestions in older topics here on Forum. You would just need to spend some time searching and reading but believe it, it´s worth of it.

Just so you know, responding to BR is just a beginning. You would need to follow the same response way and quality in further communication with potential Buyer´s. And this is something that none on forum can write for you.

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First of all, You read buyer requirement then sent buyer request. I hope you success easilly borther :grinning: