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How to send files that are really big? [Solved]

I made a video for a client that is 10GB in size. Previously when I wanted to send large files I used google drive or compress them and send on the order page.
This file is 10 GB and would take forever to upload on dropbox or google drive as my internet speed is really low. I am trying to compress it but it remains 10gb. I have used WinRAR, WinZip, 7zip but the file remains 10 GB.
I have tried all the settings like setting compression rate to best and increasing the usage of ram but it still remains 10gb.
Can somebody please tell me how to send it or how to compress it efficiently? Please…


What codec did you compress the video with and at what pixel resolution? What bitrate did you encode it at? What’s the duration of the video? I’m assuming it doesn’t have an alpha channel.

Normally lowering the bitrate of the video encoding would help (though you shouldn’t decrease it so compression artefacts show).


zip the file or you can send the file to your buyer through drop box. Another way is google drive. Remember your id should be anonymous .

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It’s a 3 hour video which has a stock footage repeating again and again for relaxing.

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I can’t send it through google drive or dropbox

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how much time is left? If you are short of time , ask for extension, that may help


If it’s 1080p the min recommended bitrate is 8 mbps (excluding audio) which would be nearly 11 GB.
You could compress it more but it might start showing artefacts (in theory long gop might help if you can adjust that). If the buyer is okay with a lower res like 720p you could do that for a lower bitrate.

Really if you have a really slow connection, don’t offer to deliver hours of footage. Find out how much you can deliver in a reasonable amount of time based on your connection and in future only offer up to that.


Also, winrar/winzip etc. aren’t good for compressing video. The best place to lower the file size of the video file is when you encode your video in the video encoding software (such as Adobe media encoder). Choose a lower bitrate there if you want it a lower file size, but don’t lower it so much that the picture quality looks too bad and starts showing artefacts. Also use variable bitrate if you weren’t (eg. 2 pass encoding - though it will take longer to render. You could also do 1 pass variable bitrate for speed).

edit: Technically maybe there could be a way to do it that takes advantage of the fact that it’s video of stuff repeating over and over again. But unless there’s some way for you to alter the files uploaded to to dropbox (run some operation on them), maybe you’d need to get the buyer’s permission to do whatever needs doing and that might mean concatenating files somehow. eg. if there’s a video header and then sections of video that repeat (I don’t know if there’s also a footer in the file) maybe the repeated section could be sent once (if the bytes are identical) and then concatenated by the buyer if that worked (eg. using windows copy command with the “/b” for binary?). eg. so the buyer adds (or runs a script/batch file that adds) the header file+the repeated section x number of times+any footer. Or maybe that would be too risky/difficult for the buyer to do. But in theory it might work.

Also I agree that you should ask for a delivery extension to give you more time if you need it.


I have 10 hours left. Now I am exporting the vide again. I didn’t lowered the botrate but I checked all the codecs and AVI had smallest size so I am exporting it into AVI. Hopefully I will be able to compress it.
Thank you for this informaiton. I will surely use it


Use H.264 codec while rendering it again. (I suggest you to, use adobe media encoder for rendering).
Also reducing FPS will help you to reduce the size. (Around 30fps is ok)

Another way

Since it is a repeating video, you can do one more thing. (but fist Ask your client for it).

Ask your client which editing software he/she uses (Mac have free BTW). Now use that software yourself and repeat the video in it. (as long as you want). Now send the project file to the client. and guide him or her to render it himself/herself.

You will be just uploading the basic vid file (around 100 MB I guess) and the project file (Not more than 1 Mb).

Though it is a complex process, Confirm from your client if it’s ok with him/her.

Ping : @hazel_justin131


No, AVI have the largest sizes (uses very old codecs). Go for mp4 (H.264)


Though a problem with that is whether the buyer will have the rights to the stock elements. If not, they can’t be distributed to them along with he project file.

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She will be sharing it anyway in her final submission.

Though I think normally you can’t distribute those elements, even though you can deliver the final product (video) which contains them.

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I don’t think my buyer cachn do this as when I sent this type of video some days ago in zip file, he didn’t know how to open it. So, I sent him the link of Winrar download. I think he is not that technical otherwise he could do this by himself.
Okay, I will use media encoder now

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In that case, sending the final ver. is also illegal until she purchases a redistributable license.
And if she has one, what’s the problem in sharing the un-edited stock. :upside_down_face:

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It really depends on the license agreement I agree. Whatever it says there.



Keep this in mind BTW :arrow_down:

The video I am using is free to use and it’s license says that I can use it and no attribution is required and I can also edit the footage. It’s free for any video project

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Try to use YouTube to upload as unlisted video and send the lick to the client.