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How to send fiverr videos

Hello everybody, I ordered a gig to receive a valentine video and they did an amazing job. However, how do you send the gig ordered to somebody without having to give them your fiveer username/password. I did not see a share symbol. I saw a share symbol for the general gig I purchased but not for the video I received. Thanks

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You have to download the received file and deliver it yourself however you would normally send a file to someone. Email, messenger, Skype, whatever.

Admin Note: This is referring to exchanging files outside of Fiverr after an order is complete. Fiverr users do not normally use email or other methods to exchange files with each other. Fiverr users use the Fiverr attachment system to exchange files.

Theres one problem I’m finding here. What if you buy a video from one seller then want to send it to another on fiverr. They don’t let you swap information like email addresses. Ive been trying to work this out for 3 days. Fiverrs customer support is useless…anyone know the answer??

I don’t understand what you’ve been trying to work out, actually. You don’t need email for this. Fiverr has it’s own message system and order system including messages. Both allow attachments and sellers pretty much always send some kind of attachment as a delivery, whether it’s an image, document or video. Buyers can send attachments to sellers as well. On the occasions when an attachment isn’t enough, you can just send a link for a Dropbox download.