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How to send initial concepts

Hello, I am new to Fiverr. I have a question from you guys. Whenever we need to submit initial concepts to the buyer, which option do you guys select - Quick Response or Deliver Now? Need help ASAP. Thanks

One more question, what is the difference between Deliver Now and Deliver Your Order?

There is no difference between “Deliver Now” and “Deliver your order”.

I would suggest always using “Deliver” button when you have something to deliver, whether it is an initial concept or a final work. Messages are purely for communication while “Deliver” button is for tying the actual work you’ve done to the order in case the buyer starts acting funny or Customer Support needs to get involved at any point.

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is it necessary to attach the source file always? Even if the design is in progress? How can we only send the initial concepts without attaching the source file?

I’m no designer but I’d imagine send just the jpg image etc. file rather than the psd source file?

Added - if you’re not sending the final delivery, is it not better just to use the message part of the order page rather than the delivery button which requires the source file? If you’re at the sending concepts stage can it count as a final delivery?

Attach the same preview image twice – to the source and to the preview. But make sure that your final delivery always has the source file attached.

PS I think fiverr makes the source file impossible to download until the order is closed but either way, if you’re sending the initial sketch it doesn’t need to have a source file to go with it.


Customer Support tends to lose files that are not “delivered” in my experience. It just makes things easier to find/manage.

I’d just send previews with the message “Here is the preview. Please contact me in the next 3 days with any revisions or questions” and then send the final files before the order is closed automatically if the buyer doesn’t respond. 95% of them respond, though.

They’ve added a “attach source file” button fairly recently to, I assume, deal with sellers who sell the source file extra but never deliver it. There used to be one button that worked better for a traditional sketch - final concept - source file design process but what can you do.

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