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How to send invoice

I have finished the work of a buyer, now that buyer is offering to work for a long time. And he says to send an invoice for. Butt I don’t know how to send an invoice. Or will I have any problem sending the invoice? Please let me know.


You might get warning or even worse account restriction.

Explain Buyer how Fiverr works. All transactions go through Fiverr system. You, Seller, do not draw any invoice(s), Fiverr do that for you. Payment gates outside of Fiverr are not allowed.

Technically buyer is not buying from you, heshe is buying from Fiverr so Fiverr will issue invoice.

This is Fiverr’s information:

  • Fiverr International Ltd
  • 8 Eliezar Kaplan st.
  • TelAviv, Israel 6473409
  • VAT ID: 558327284
  • Company Number: 514440874
  • Withheld Tax File: 917369274+B85
  • Consol. Business number: 55832728

Fiverr issues invoices for all purchases made on the Fiverr site. To make sure all your purchases have an invoice, you need to add your information to your account’s billing section.

These are invoices for your past purchases and not for a payment you’re required to make. You can use the invoices for your tax purposes if necessary, or simply for tracking your Fiverr purchases.

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