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How to send killer offer to buyer request

how we can send killer response to the buyers request and get orders from buyers request.

On your request message, Write simple message not huge description. Getting order from buyer request is one kind of luck as well as your qualification.


There’s no particular method you can use to write a proposal, but what I’ll suggest is that,

  1. Gain the buyer’s interest
  2. Try to make your proposal as persuasive as possible
  3. Tell them how you’ll do their task and what they’ll get
  4. Give them a reason to hire
  5. Assure healthy communication

Got Top Class Suggestion :slight_smile:


Check this out :


Very Effective Suggestion!

Try to write a simple message that for buyer can easily understand your offer, I hope you will get order and one thing is very important when you send buyer request just see how many request have already sent if it is above 5 then your chances is low.