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How to send "look don't download" art to customer before my final delivery?

Hi, I have a single order for a book that requires that I send several illustrations and I have a question.

Lets say I have finished 1/8 illustrations and want to show it whiteout clicking the deliver now button, because I´m not ready to deliver all 8 images but I want to make sure my customer is satisfied whit the first one before I start with the next. However I dont want to risk that my customer downloads 7 images and then cancels the deal, and thus getting 7 illustrations for free.

What do I do to insure my customer can only look at the image without using it
when the “deliver now” button is not a option?

No downloading and watermark is preferable just to be extra safe.

Thanks in advance!


If I clearly understood what you meant then, you can send them the first one through the order conversation page. By attaching the file and sending it to the client.

I know but when you do that they can download the image. :slight_smile:

I dont want my customer to be able to do that.

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I usually just send extra small resolution preview files that are unusable for any print purpose. Otherwise, you can create a watermark yourself and explain to the client that the final delivery will consist of high resolution images without watermark.


@magyarmelcsi You’re right, this is a good option as well. Try this @lunalita

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Size the artwork down to a half/third/fourth of the resolution and then add rows over rows of watermarks, not a single giant one.


You can make the image really small so if they use it it’ll have to be made bigger and it’ll be junk quality. That and watermarks


watermark your images with fiverr watermark option

i will say, be aware that nowadays it’s easy to boost the size of a low-res illustration, using online ai tools to resize. such as waifu2x and others. so watermarking may be essential to prevent scammy customers who know a bit about tech.

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