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How to send mails to sellers within FIVERR but outside of the standard link

I have sent e-mails to sellers within FIVERR but outside the regular automatic links. I cannot remember how. Can somebody remind me how to do this, please?

can you explain what you want to say? You just can click on “contact” and send sellers a message.

Do you mean Notifications?

Well, when the “contact” does not work how do you send a message? All you know is the seller’s name.

Thanks for your comment. I had a serious problem with the system and all my links got me to FIVERR home page. If all I Know is the seller’s name, how do I contact the person?

Thank you for giving me your contact.


Reply to @alvaromejia36: you can do a search for that “user name”…go to where you do a normal search to look for a product at the top of the screen on a computer. Then when you start typing in the users name a drop down option pops up to “search users” and just do that and you can then go to the users profile and contact them.

It is possible that maybe the person is no longer a user, but try the search.