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How to send message to buyer from buyers request?

I do vector illustrations in fiverr. Often there are some buyers who demand, “draw a segment of the sample and send it to me. If I like it, I’ll hire you and complete the job.” But I don’t see any option to knock them or attach a file while sending offer. What should I do about it?


Your offer is attached to the relevent gig you have in that category. From your offer the buyer can click through to your gig and see your sample work on offer.

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They don’t wanna see sample work. They want a segment of their work done and sent to them through messages.

That’s not how Fiverr works. You risk being ripped off if you do half the job, send it, then they do a runner. What if they sent the other half of the work to another seller? If they like your gig they will buy it and you have an order, until then, down tools!

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Right man!! i will work against you if you try reaching out to people before a order, people will report you etc.

“work against you” a little bit confrontational. She just needs some guidance towards the TOS, not threats :joy:. This is Fiverr, not rules of engagement.


Listen the truth is better than getting in trouble, and it could cause flagging from people, just being straight, sorry if i was harsh.

You’re not the police :policeman:.
If you see someone breaking TOS, yes you can report them. Other than that, it’s up to them to either find out the TOS, be guided on the forums, or learn the hard way and get caught out with a Fiverr warning.

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Thanks for your guidance :slight_smile:

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you’re right i just gave some freehand advice… and its always better to be in the up than getting reported and finding out the hard way, dont get your problem here… :innocent:

Hey I just wanted to know if there’s any option available :neutral_face: because THE BUYERS keep demanding.

There is one way to get to them you switch to buying mode and search their username if theyre a seller too they will appear and you can message them.

My problem was the way you worded that message came off quite…aggressive. Just because they weren’t aware of the way Fiverr worked and the TOS.

I don’t see anything wrong with the phrase “It’ll work against you”. It’s like saying “It won’t work out in your favor”.

Most important question🙂

I read it as “I will work against you” if the intention was “it will work against you” then I apologise.