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How to send Request to change Rating


Hi There,
How to send Request to change Rating after Order completed


No way! you will not be able to open resolution if the order marked as complete once. So no resolution no rating change !


Why, My Client want to Change Rating


You can’t ask a client to change their rating or guide them towards changing their rating. It’s considered feedback manipulation and can earn you an account warning.


once an order is completed and rated Fiverr CS respectfully unable to remove or edit the feedback placed on the order.


Unfortunately he give me 4 Star Rating


Do not ask for change rating?


It’s frustrating to get less than 5 stars, but that’s life. A 4-star review is still pretty good. Move on now and put this behind you.


When Fiverr implemented the new feedback system, they also applied a rule that they will no longer change feedback. There have been dozens of post about this on the Forum. Sellers and buyers have complained about asking CS to change reviews, and CS says, “No.” every time.


That’s a horrible advice. It’s against TOS to remove or change feedback so why would fiverr support help him to that? The only thing he can get out of contacting support is to get a warning for trying to manipulate feedback


No way friend, just forget and keep going .