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How to send single message to multiple customers?

Hi, I wanna send a single message to many of my clients at once. But I don’t see any option of “broadcast” or “send to multiple” in the inbox at Fiverr’s messages. Is there anyway to do so? Thanks

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You can’t send message to multiple clients.

And also, sending same message to many people is consider spam.


Save the message as quick response and send it to anyone you want

Maybe you need to consider the possibility that if you can’t find this option then that means it’s not available on fiverr for certain reasons?

On fiverr it’s considered spam and explained in fiverr TOS that you can reply to clients only when they contact you.

However if you just want to send the same reply to the customers that contacted you then follow @bestintheword advice.


Like everyone pretty much said: spamming will get you banned 100%.

I personally report all spam messages directly to CS.