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How to seo gigs?

friends I do not know how to seo my gigs. please friends tell me how to seo a gigs?

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I would instead recommend to create a free blog or some other website and dedicate it to your gigs. Review them, share the best feedbacks and give more detailed information and what they could be used for.

Then do all SEO and marketing for that site.

This is pre-selling and convinces more people to buy the gig once they arrive on the gig’s page. You can also improvise and create email opt-ins to capture each visitors details so you can advertise your upcoming gigs to them via email. Much likely to make sales then, if niche is the same.

share your link social marketing web site and use keyword your gig related topic :smiley: .also upload video on you tube about you gig.(sorry for the my English)

Reply to @gfxmasterlk: hello I do not understand the keyword using. would you please tell me what is gig keywords.

i mean gig tags