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How to seo in my gig


Please, anyone, give me a proper solution or give me some idea about how to do SEO in my gig, and drive more visitor in my all gig and profile?


Hello Shawon.
You provide seo services. You should knew already.


i know but i want to knew more ,


Hello Shawon,

You are already providing the service of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and so it is expected to all that you know the proper way of doing SEO. Because of posting this post, if this is gone over some of the SEO service receiver, may be it will be so tough to get any order as you yourself is applying for how to do SEO!

You should know and learn more about doing SEO. It is natural that being a SEO service provider, you have to assist the buyers of doing that instead of seeking help of your regarding gigs.

Hope, you got my points.


thanks for your valuable ans i will provide SEO service, but I am beginner so that , i need some help to get more traffic in my SEO gig,


In this forum you’re saying that you’re a beginner, yet your gig description says you’re an expert.

Look, your average rating is 3.7, you’re trying to rank in a very competitive category and your gig descriptions are rather poorly written. I’m not talking about few grammar mistakes, it’s difficult to even understand what you’re offering. Maybe you should revise your gigs and offer a service you’re actually good at.

I’m not trying to push you out, but if you don’t know what you’re doing then you’re just ruining Fiverr’s reputation.


every man is beginner i think I beginner because of I learn every day so that I say I am beginner,


Hello @shawon_sunny,

I have seen and read the description of your gigs. What I have understood is nothing but supporting what @uxreview has said in the prior reply.

Please try yourself to improve your English skill beside your skill on various subject, otherwise, you will constantly lose your buyers. If you, fortunately, get them, you will be given bad ratings and a negative review after completing the order improperly and that will suck your sales bro.

Best of Luck


yes I will try my level best for improving my English skill can you help me?


Hello @shawon_sunny,

"sec here"


“sec that”



thank you thank you so much now my some gig going to be down i think i delete my some gig and create another one,


@latif744 why did you cut and paste @raselkhondokar’s post from February and use it as your own?

Gig SEO Tips to Rank it Better on Fiverr


he try to help me to take it seriously


plagiarism is always serious. He could have linked to the post and then it be attributed properly.


At first sorry and that this person not understand.
So that i just cope main idea @uncarved


you stole and didn’t attribute words from someone else and used them as your own.
It tells me a lot about you and your business practices.


its ok please don’t take it negatively



I just remove this post.

  • Have a nice day.