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How to serve and think about others and increase your business

I start my first job without any pay after my graduation and see there how people charge and get price just because the buyer don’t know about it. I do a lot of work and become sad because of such activities. At that time I decided to serve people and make a lot of sites free so that they start earning from online. Now I have my own web house and doing my work online and local also.
Don’t think that buyer is stupid and rich. Take yourself there and make a offer for him.

I agree with ‘don’t think the client is stupid’ bit, however as to providing services at discounts is a big issue for me. I have been doing this, and my price is already EXTREMELY low for what I do and my industry. So if the client can’t afford my service, well… It’s like with a shop, you don’t go to a TV store and ask for a flat screen when all you can afford is a used TV from the 90s :slight_smile:

It’s about knowing the value of your time and service And if you can give a discount without sacrificing the value of the service you are offering.

Somehow its right i neither agree nor disagree.