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How to set display image of video in gig?

I have added a video in my gig but i want to change the preview picture of video, how can i do?

Clickety click on the link below. :anchor:


Adjusting Gig Video Preview (Thumbnail)

If you wish to adjust your video thumbnail, your video must be approved first.

To set your Video Preview:

While in Gig Edit mode, click Gallery.
Scroll down to the Gig Video section, then click the edit icon your Gig video.
Click on Play and then pause the video on the desired frame and click on Set Preview.
Click Close.


Does it will take time to be in action?

yes, It can take few hours like 6-24 hours.
Just change the preview, save it & wait 24 hours maximum.:grinning:

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Thats why i was wondering!!
Thank you

You are most welcome.:grinning:

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Thanks, a lot for sharing. I hope it will work

@iqbaltasif This post is from 2017.

The moderators don’t like to see old topics resurrected.

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