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How to set Gig Extras with multiple levels


HI Folks, I have been searching but can’t locate instructions: If i have, for example, a Gig Extra for leaving a tip (or for other multi-layer services), how do i set it so that the customer can choose among the various monetary amounts of how much to tip, $5 OR $10 OR $20 OR (I can dream!) $40 (vs. me setting a single, fixed amount)? Can this be done at level 2? (I am a very newie twoie). Thank You!


As i search around for examples… i am beginning to doubt my recall.


Thanks, kjblynx for your comments. I see that you have made one creative solution to the issue of letting the customer choose the gratitude level they prefer. I do, however, seem to recall having seen gigs with variable amounts available for a single extra… (unless my recall fails me).


Aha!! I have found it. The Top Rated Sellers are the (lucky/hard-working) ones i had noticed that can have a drop-down list of 20 different levels to choose from for each gig! My recall was accurate, I just have a lot of work to do to get to that level!