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How To Set My Price Above $999?

I wish to charge £1297 for my basic gig, but the dropdown menu only goes to $999.

How do I change this to £GBP (I have already selected £GBP in the settings) and more importantly, how do I set the price above $999?

Thank you.

Side Note: When setting the gig up, it shows me $USD, but when I preview the gig, it shows me in £GBP as per my settings. I would like to know how to set it to GBP whilst in the gig creating section so that I can be precise with my price of £1297.


Normal Fiverr users can’t set a base price (or any price) above $995 (you could set a price to $995 and then use extras to go above it I assume).
If you were a Pro verified user (Fiverr Pro) you could set prices above $995. But you’d have to be accepted for Fiverr Pro first.

You can’t change it to edit your gig prices in GBP as far as I know. If you could, gig prices could be in something other than $5 multiples but they can’t (only offers can be in $1 multiples).

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Thank you for letting me know. I will have to enquire about this Fiverr Pro set up then.

Thanks again.


I don’t think that info is correct. I have found gigs that are way over the $999 but are not pro-verified.

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Maybe they’re a Fiverr studio then if they’re not a Pro seller.
Have you checked the seller’s profile to see if they’re a Pro seller (Pro verified in some categories - even if not for the category that the gig is in) or whether it’s a studio gig?

If you see gigs on the gig search results page showing >$995 for an ordinary seller (not Fiverr Pro) it may be that that price is not the base price and that if you go into the gig and select a longer delivery time (or whatever makes it the base price) it comes to no more than $995.


I asked the guy in question and he said that the limitation may be due to the fact that I’m a new seller. Makes sense I guess, although a little annoying.

He wasn’t pro at all, but did have many sales under his belt.

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edit: I’ve just seen a seller who isn’t a Fiverr Pro and doesn’t have a studio and has no Fiverr level has a starting gig price of $3000 (which seems to be the base price) which I don’t see how that’s possible (in the lyric and music videos subcategory). Maybe it depends on the subcategory. This person has no reviews and no “recent delivery” date.


Interesting. I have seen sellers with prices over £2K in my exact niche, so maybe there is a way!?

It’s a shame we can’t actually contact Fiverr and ask them. :roll_eyes:

Thank you again for your time. I appreciate your efforts.

You could try asking them here and ask under what conditions you can create a gig >$995:


I did look at that but couldn’t find the right pathway to ask such a thing. Fiverr have made it incredibly hard to make contact with them.

Edit: I guess I could just use a wrong pathway. I’ll do that now. Thank you again. :slight_smile:


Damn it, that doesn’t work either. When you try to send the message, it says action failed. :weary:

This site is turning out to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Edit: Message now sent. Fingers crossed I get a response.

You may not be able to. Also, that’s pretty high. You may not want to go that high unless you are sure your gig is worth it and you offer an incredible and unique service


It’s not high for what I do. My basic is £1297, middle is £1797 and premium £2497.

This is what I usually charge outside of Fiverr.

You can inform customer support team.
They will help you. Also what is your fiverr level?

Okay, I’ve got the answers. To make a gig over $999, you need to become a studio, meaning that you have a team of people, rather than just one person.


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