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How to set quotation for uploading 667 designs into different marketplace?

Hi Expert eCommerce Product uploading sellers,

One of my probable buyers wants to give a project of uploading 667 designs into 7 marketplaces:

  • Etsy

  • Red Bubble

  • Teespring

  • Spread Shirt

  • Cafe Press

  • Sun Frog

  • Zazzle

Now he is asking for a quotation. I am new at product uploading. Can you please help me to set the perfect pricing for this project?

He gave me an idea that, I should know ‘’ how to upload them all to different marketplaces all at once’’. I don’t know how it is.

I would be glad, if some expert one will help me in these two prospects.

Thanks in advance.


I’m sorry but why are you offering services that you don’t know how to do?

I have experience in uploading products other websites, which make me bold to get it.

But you just said :point_down:

yes, I have no idea about it. But buyer confirmed me, I can upload individually.