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How to set the price

After negotiating the price with the buyer, how can I reset the gig’s price?


mam you scarce Google or Youtube :star_struck:

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Yes, I don’t use Google and Youtube very much. Is this directly related to my question? I don’t quite understand. Hope to get your answer, thank you!

Yes i understand . sorry for my answer

What are you talking about? It has nothing to do with what she asked.

@lingyuhua Are you saying you adjusted your prices in your Gig to meet the needs of one client? If so, that was not necessary. Next time, just do a Custom Offer for the buyer. Make sure though, that they ACCEPT your Custom Offer and it shows up in your ORDER queue.

As for changing the price back on your Gigs, all you need to do is go to the link in your dashboard (upper portion of the page) and click on GIGS. Then look for the Gig you need to edit prices on - on the RIGHT side, there will be a drop down menu that will have a link to EDIT Gig - then, you will go in and then go to the PRICING tab which is found just above your Gig description. Change the price back to what you want it to be there.


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Wow, thank you very much for your answer. I think I understand what you mean.Thank you. I’ll try your suggestion. :smiley:

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It doesn’t matter. :smiley:

Let me know if you got it to work! Next time, if you offer Custom Offers, do that instead of changing your Gig prices.

Good luck!


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You don’ have to change the gig price every time you negotiate with a client.

You need to offer them a “Custom Offer

Perform the following step.

1st : Go to the chatbox of that client. and click on “Create an offer” button.

2nd : Select the Gig from which you wanna do the order.


3rd : Customize your offer and click on the “Submit offer” button.

4th : Wait for your client until they accept the offer and you are DONE

This way you will not edit your Base Gig and are able to offer customized offer to specific clients.


Thanks for the graphics. That will help her to see what I was telling her in my message. :slight_smile:


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I’ve been there where we need guidance when I was new. So I know how much this helps.

So helping them. Anyways your explanation was on point. I thought SS will help her.
Ty for making this community prospers.

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Thank you for your kind guidance. I will try your suggestions.Thank you.

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What are you talking about?


Hello, You can use this tricks for price.
Firstly you set a too low price
Secondly too long than basic
and thirdly you set your all work details and charge a high price. thank you

That made no sense at all. If you are suggesting that sellers should set their prices low in order to bait people to buy their Gig, then hit them with a higher price, that is not allowed here and called Bait and Switch tactics.

There are no “tricks” setting your price. What you charge here is what you charge. What you need to do is be clear about what you will do for what you charge.


This doesn’t relate at all to the question that was being asked in this post! Please don’t spam the Forum with unrelated replies!

Did not need edit your gig price every time. When you communicate a Buyer then select price about your project. Then send a custom offer. There you have your best price and get order.