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How to Set Weekends as Non-Working Day (i.e. Timer Stops)?



Is there a way to set Weekends as a non-working day? So for instance, I have a delivery of 3 days. The buyers orders in Friday. I should deliver it by the ending of Tuesday or so.

Currently, even in weekends, the timer runs.

As I searched, people suggested to increase lead time. But I don’t prefer that. I’d like the delivery to be always in 3 days but just that it doesn’t run on weekends as I have other commitment on weekends.

Thank you for your time.


No, there’s no way to do it automatically I’m afraid.

You could go through each gig and manually change the delivery times on a Friday, but that’s the only way you could do it really. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh. That’s a total bummer. Thanks for the info offlinehelpers


As offlinehelpers has said, unfortunately this isn’t possible at this time.

I have floated an idea previously, regarding a “dynamic delivery time”, which effectively stops any orders being due on a weekend.

The idea is simple - you toggle within your account specific days you do not wish to work (or to reduce orders due on these days.

You then set the standard delivery time on your gigs - let’s say 3 days.

When a buyer comes to your gig, they see the delivery time based on the day of the week. For example, let’s say you don’t want to work sat/sun and you have a delivery time of 3 days:

A buyer views your gig on a Monday, the delivery time is 3 days (due Thursday)

If a buyer views your gig on a Wednesday, they see a delivery time of 5 days (due on Monday).

So the delivery time based on days would be:

Monday: 3 days
Tuesday: 3 days
Wednesday: 5 days
Thursday: 4 days
Friday: 3 days
Saturday: 3 days
Sunday: 3 days

This would effectively mean you don’t work weekends. Regarding Extra Fast deliveries - these could also be dynamic. The system could even go a step further and offer “weekend delivery” as a premium (like Amazon etc do with postage).

So let’s say a buyer comes onto your gig on a Saturday, they would see 3 delivery options:

Standard 3 days (Tuesday delivery)
EFD (Monday delivery) - $
Weekend delivery (Sunday delivery ) - $$

In essence it’s a simple system and is actually something you could be doing manually (by editing delivery times yourself) - it’s just a bit of a pain to do


Maybe you should make a poll for this idea.


I think “dynamic delivery time” is a brilliant idea! It would definitely make managing the workload and buyer expectations easier and more streamlined.

It would also be cool if we had some sort of sleep setting because this is a global market and it would be nice to see that if someone put the sleep setting on 2 hours ago that they probably won’t be back up and running for another 4-6 hours.


Thanks for the comprehensive idea. Yes, that was I was planning to do: manually. But hopefully there is much easier to do this. So basically, I had to change the delivery time every day.


The dynamic delivery time idea is great!
Just some nitty-gritty details, if someone wants to take weekends completely off, and not have a tsunami of work on Mondays, then it might be better for the delivery times based on the day to be:

Sunday: 4 days
Monday: 3 days
Tuesday: 3 days
Wednesday: 5 days
Thursday: 5 days
Friday: 5 days
Saturday: 5 days

Of course, that would create somewhat of a tsunami on Wednesdays, but at least it doesn’t come right after a couple days away from it all.
Maybe it would be best if people could make a custom list like this, selecting a delivery time to display each day of the week.