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How to setup best gig?

I’m just want, How to setup my best and Professional Gig? please check my gig and tell me what wrong my gig…


There are many problems with your gig.
Profile Name - If you can add a relevant profile name or use your name. (be creative)
Profile Picture - Add a clear profile image or use your own image.
These two are really important. Because someone views your profile and you must get buyer attention to your gigs. Try to make your gigs clickable. Create them attractively.

Also, I see you did not give the attention to your gigs. Simply add some images and publish them. :thinking:
So, In that case you have less chance to get orders. Because in your category(all of the categories) There are many talented people. So, You need to focus your GIG title, Gig images, Gig description.
You need to more improve your profile. :grinning: :grinning:

Check this,

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Thank you for reply me


Please see (DES) point 1 in the link that newplus_design shared with you.
Your images also could use a fair bit of work.

Thank you for reply me.