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How to setup your profile as a professional seller

Profile Photo: If you are confident having your face on the internet, I highly recommend you upload a picture of yourself as a profile photo. Fiverr is a very social marketplace. You will see many people sit in front of a camera and
describe their gig. If you upload a picture of yourself in your profile, you will seem more trusting and you will get more orders because of this.
If you do not want to use a photo of yourself, you can also decide to upload a picture of an attractive girl. Why? I will get into this in detail later in the e-book, but women seem to get more sales on Fiverr than men. An attractive girl in your profile will also attract more clicks to your profile, thus allowing more people to see all the gigs you offer. Trust me on this. I’ve experimented with male profiles vs. female profiles when I made multiple Fiverr accounts. The female accounts ALWAYS have more sales.
Something About You: This section is pretty important. It appears in the right sidebar of every one of your gig’s pages as well as on your profile. Here you should describe yourself briefly and give some background on your expertise. At the end of your bio I highly recommend a call to action. “Check out my other gigs on my profile for more SEO for only $5!” would be a good call to action at the bottom of your bio. This is important because on every page of your gigs, Fiverr users will see this call to action and encourage them to see your other gigs when most of them wouldn’t have otherwise.
I Can Communicate In: If you are capable of typing/reading in other languages, this is very worthwhile. Right now, there are a few language options on Fiverr which can help you get a few more sales a month since not everyone who comes to Fiverr speaks or read English.

Yes! Having a REAL photo of yourself is very important! Don’t be tempted to use a good looking westerner’s photo instead - it gives a bad impression.
Similarly, copying and pasting sections of someone else’s book is probably not a good idea, good job with these tips!
Also, making a post (which is not yours) on Fiverr that says you have made several Fiverr accounts, even though it is against the ToS, is probably not a good thing to do either.

These tips are definitely better than the last lot I looked at, but still rudimentary. Not to mention duplicated. Loving the direct violation of TOS for a little promo self-love! Your profile pic shows me how strong, masculine and sexy you are. Alas, I am none of those (although I was called handsome once. That was quite irritating).

Go away. Original source of post is here:

Don’t hire this guy, obviously. He’s too good looking for you. Oh–don’t forget that Google will log this post so anybody who searches you on Fiverr thru Google will find this post. Always happy to help :slight_smile:

Not only is he strong, masculine and sexy but he is probably the only man in Bangladesh who looks anything like that!

If you’re a male seller here on Fiverr, never, never, NEVER post a picture of an “attractive woman” just to get sales. This is HORRIBLE advice – deceptive, inappropriate, and dishonest – and I’m calling it out as such!

This link you give that is spamming link and not this post original link… This is i copied but from my eBook which i buy …
For your kind information this is not stolen copy and i hope this is not your article.I post it here to give idea sellers for their help …
Thank you

If it was your eBook, why did you buy it? I know this isn’t my article–my writing is generally much better than this. That you “hope” it isn’t my article says a lot more about you…

Besides, I know it’s not your article from your eBook, because their English is better, regardless of how spammy you think it may be. You need to brush up on your pronouns.

A real self photo and not one of a young beautiful model would sell much more.

Perhaps he means that he copied it from an eBook that he bought. He bought it, so it’s his now.

Just guessing here.

Are you suggesting me to put a girl’s picture on my DP.

My sales will touch up -ve.


Thanks for your advice. :slight_smile:

Hello @foxteam thanks for the advice. One thing i believe is that i will succeed because of who i am.

Nice copy and paste!

Most of what @foxteam is suggesting is how to be fake. Use a fake photo with multiple accounts ( a way to get banned) and don’t be yourself. Your own idea of being who you are is better so I wouldn’t use the advice in his post. He also stole the text from a bad e-book. So, take care! Not all advice is good.

Found your long lost twin here! :smiley: