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How To Share A Link To A Request?

I have not been able to find a proper answer to this question.

I have worked with a hand full of select Fiverr artists. I would like to continue to use the same sellers.

So I have posted a request on my Fiverr account and I am getting offers from other sellers but my select artists have no made an offer. When I chat directly with an artist, how can I send him a LINK to my request so that he can make an offer and I can hire him?

I understand that I can copy and paste the project details in direct messaging. However, I want him to be able to review the request and others that have made offers.


If you want to hire an artist, why not go to his Gig page and click “Order”? That’s pretty much how Fiverr works.

Most sellers don’t want to bid for jobs or use the Buyer Request feature. They just want to be hired straight from their Gig pages.

The Buyer Request feature is predominantly for when somebody doesn’t know who to hire, so they’re open to receiving offers from random sellers. There’s really no point creating a request then trying to get a seller to find it and bid on it.


This is not a solution to the question I have posted.

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Also, let’s be a little more broad-minded about the functionality I am referencing. What if I wanted to “share” my request on other websites or social media to draw in more Fiverr users (sellers)?

I completely disagree with @ahmwritingco As a buyer, if I develop a relationship with a select group of sellers, I would like it very much if that group could see my request and bid for the job. This is buyer management and keeping the marketplace open. I thought Fiverr was a platform for sellers AND buyers.


This may or may not be helpful to you but here goes:


@lloydsolutions That was good information but still does not answer the question of how to share a buyer request link.


With all due respect @moxamedia, but I think you’re drowning in a baby glass of water.

I don’t see any problem you posting your request through BR (buyer requests) and also messaging your favorite sellers asking them for a quote on that same request (obviously, you’ll have to copy/paste the request on the message for the seller to read and send you an offer) and once you get all the offers, pick the one(s) you like most.

There’s no need for sellers from whom you would like to get custom offers go see BR, unless you were not willing to spend time writing to them, in which case, that attitude wouldn’t speak very well about you.


@maitasun Thank you for your reply and your suggestion. But, as you may have read, I do understand how to copy/paste request details into an individual message to individual sellers. However, that is not very efficient. And, yes, my time is very important as I am sure your time is as well.

While I am new on Fiverr, I have been on Freelancer(.com) for years and this is a very common and basic feature. If the Fiverr community is less about the buyer and more about the seller…I get it. Just trying to find a more efficient way to work with a group of freelancers. Maybe Fiverr isn’t the right place.

Your select group of sellers will no doubt be able to see your buyer request. I don’t see anyone in this thread who said otherwise.

However, many sellers do not really bid on such buyer requests as they are already busy with direct/custom orders they have received on their gig, and therefore have no reason whatsoever to bid on buyer requests. @ahmwritingco was spot on about this.

So, you cannot really make your group of sellers bid on your buyer request. They (your group of sellers) might have either seen your buyer request and made a conscious decision not to bid on your request or not had the need to even look at the buyer request section as they are already busy with plenty of orders.


@hanshuber16 Let me clarify. I have a seller who is requesting a link to the request because they said they cannot find it. So is there no way of doing this on Fiverr?

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Unfortunately, such a feature does not exist at the moment. You could, however, suggest that Fiverr implement such a feature by contacting their customer service team.


I don’t believe there is, no. There’s very little need for that feature, because Fiverr isn’t really a bid-and-wait site, it’s a buy-now site. I know that doesn’t seem to be to your liking, but every site has its own way of doing things and its own culture. That’s just how things are here at the moment.

You could copy the details of your request to different sellers, which you’ve probably already done, but they tend to see so few requests nowadays, the odds of them seeing yours are pretty low.


I don’t understand why a seller should ask you for a link to your BR request when he’s already speaking with you and you can give that seller all the information needed.

That really makes no sense. :roll_eyes:


@hanshuber16 Thank you so much for the answer. I am new to Fiverr. I am not sure this is the right platform for me but I am still giving it a try. I may submit my suggestion to the development team if I continue to use Fiverr.

@ahmwritingco Thank you also for taking a moment to explain your experience and insight. When I first came to Fiverr over a month ago, my first 3 interactions were “buy-now” interactions and each time the seller failed and the funds had to be credited back to me. So I am not a big fan of “here’s-my-money…let’s-see-if-you-can-follow-project-instructions.” This method has not worked well for me but apparently works well for many other users.


This approach doesn’t work very well. The buyer request feature can be a huge gamble too. You need to invest a lot of effort into finding a seller who is the right match for your project. You could use the search feature on Fiverr to look for sellers who you think might be capable of working on your project. You can do that by looking at their portfolio/samples that are on display on their profile and also their reviews/ratings.

Once you have shortlisted a couple of sellers this way, you can then contact them individually so as to get a better understanding of their skills. You can do that by formulating questions that will test their technical knowhow/skills that are required for the job you have for them.

This approach, although a lot more cumbersome, will definitely help you find an ideal match for your project. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I guess to understand why Fiverr is this way, you need to look at its history. This site started off selling services costing a fiver. I mean, there wasn’t really much of a need for sophisticated features then. You bought your product, you left. Quick and easy. Every project was fairly small, and the people involved were generally individuals.

In recent years, the site has moved away from budget services. There are big-name freelancers here now, and some big-money transactions take place every day. Has Fiverr fully transformed from a budget marketplace in to one suitable for a variety of projects? Probably not, if I’m honest. But there’s a lot about the marketplace that does work. It’s still quick and easy to use. You can click “Order” and have your project delivered the same day – that’s pretty cool.

Who knows what features Fiverr will roll out as it continues to evolve. It has taken inspiration from other platforms in the past, that much is clear. If you feel the site would benefit from the feature you desire, why not take @hanshuber16’s advice and send a quick email to support?

Whether you stay or go, all the best!


@moxamedia - did you find a solution?

There are lots of helpful suggestions here but none provide a solution to the original question.

Just like the OP, I too have posted a request and have some moderately relevant responses but nobody who has the right skills. I have approached several sellers … they all want a link to my BR.

It is silly to have to submit several custom requests … when I have already spent a great deal of time structuring my BR. Yes, copy-paste … and end up with several inbox discussion threads.

A simple link to the BR would be much more helpful.


@systemiser @moxamedia Anyone find a solution? Seems odd that a basic feature like this is missing. I am used to creating custom jobs that don’t necessarily fit exactly with users services. I have buyers but no way at all to link them to my work.

If I can create a job posting, why can I not link to it? A possible solution would be to sign up as a seller, scroll through jobs until I find my job, then grab the link? Looks easier to use a different platform for these jobs.

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No, no solution that I know of. Fiverr are not listening or have some internal reasons for not providing this function.

Clearly they do not agree that it benefits Fiverr when buyers spread the BR link all around the web, it helps Fiverr and brings more providers and therefore more buyers to Fiverr.

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I’ve been trying to solve the same issue.