How to share gig on forum? Help plzzz


Hi… I’m Majs Creator from Pakistan…I’m expert in tee-shirt designing… I am quick to grasp new ideas and make something innovative… It’s my intro after 1 month joining… hope to have a good time here :blush: can someone guide me how to share gig on forum???


The ONLY place that you can share your gig on the forum is in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category. If you promote in other categories, it will be moved, or likely deleted as spam.


Just follow what @jonbass has said.


Hi! welcome to Forum
All you need to Start a New Topic for you Gigs in following Category.

Sharing Gigs to any other place on the forum will be deleted.


If you’d like to promote your gigs on other forums, then the simplest way is to have a non-intrusive link to your gigs in your signature. Simple small text to not annoy others and give the chance for people to visit your gigs. Here you can’t have signatures for some reason.


The reason is that clicking on your username will give everyone the link to your profile.

A signature would be redundant.


True, but signatures aren’t for advertising, so they can have anything from text to pictures.


Thanks @jonbaas @minahmmas @amircan
I shared my gig there :blush:


What’s mean by signature?


Almost all forums allow you to put links, text, pictures or scripts to your signature. A signature is what appears below your posts.


OK thank you so much dear😃