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How to share gigs on facebook

I have trouble sharing my gig on Facebook.
I attach my Facebook account on fiverr account and when I share my gig on Facebook from fiverr then Facebook disable my account.

How can I share my fiverr Gig on Facebook
What is real method to sharing my fiverr gig on Facebook?
Please help me.


Where on Facebook did you try to share your gig?

I am sharing my fiverr gig from fiverr account to Facebook ID

Just on your own Facebook profile? You’re not posting to groups, other people’s profiles, other people’s pages…?

I want to share my gig on my timeline to my friends and public also.

Bro, try to join FB groups according to niche and freelance groups as well. And share your there. I think it’s very helpfull.

Note: not sharing a lot because FB will block you from posting if you share one thing on different groups.

Share little bit on different time period

Hope this way will help you

I’m not sure I understand you.

Did you share only on your own timeline, or one someone else’s timeline, too? How many times have you shared your gig?

Anyway, I’ve just shared one of my gigs on my Facebook page, and nothing bad happened. Generally speaking, you should be allowed to share on your own timeline (if you don’t do it so often that people report you for spamming), in groups that allow sharing (but don’t post in too many groups at once, or too often), and on your own business page (if you have one).


Thank you my friends.

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